What if...

Fear is the underlying source for most destructive thoughts and behavior.

Most of us think that if we were only richer, stronger, better-looking or if we had a better job, bigger house, -

then we would be happy.

Worry and fear are created by how we think.


If you have the habit of worrying, it doesn't matter who you are, what you have,

or what you do, you will worry because that is the habit of your mind.


We as humans hold on so tight to anything we’re afraid of losing or anything we want so badly

that we don’t realize that if we could just release a little bit, we’d have much to gain – like our lives.


Overcoming fear doesn’t happen instantly, it is the result of deliberate intention and conscious action towards doing things that scare you. As a result you grow as a person, expand the possibilities of your life and live with INTENGRITY.


Here are some quick to apply to strategies to use when fear creeps up on you.



Through practicing the techniques of yoga, you will develop the knowledge and strength to conquer the mind's habit of creating fear, be centered within yourself and stop worrying about what lies beyond your control.




 fear is tricky. it makes you think its real, but it only becomes real when you give into it.


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