​​Having a life you love is your birthright
Being born as a human is a blessing for we can do amazing things
Do not waste the precious gift you have on fear
Become a warrior of the light! You are capable of doing wonders

Fearless Yoga was born out of the desire to empower peoples lives and free the mind from unnecessary fear.

Fear is the underlying source for most destructive thoughts and behavior, yet insanely our fear

is a mere product of your mind.

Fearlessness is self mastery to face yourself, the consequences of your behavior and the things going on around you! Through practicing yoga and meditation you will develop the knowledge and strength to conquer the mind's habit of creating fear, be centred within yourself and stop worrying about what lies beyond your control.

Moving outside of our comfort zone will set our senses alight with the joy of active living!
So what if you made an effort, on a consistent basis, to heighten your sense of aliveness simply

by engaging in an activity that scares you a little bit?
Because once you move past the initial fear, it will send you down a path of discovery delight and empowerment!

Fearless Yoga focuses on safe, breath centred practice that respects your limitations and empowers your body,

mind and soul through a blend of Anusara, Viniyoga, Core Strength Vinyasa, breathing & mediation techniques with lots of passion and humor.

We at Fearless Yoga believe that life doesnt need to be daunting and scary. Everything is easier with a smile on our face and laughter in our hearts.

No need to feel separated. We are all in this together. So come out and Play!

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